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Making all Weddings True+Love Weddings!

Making all Weddings True+Love Weddings

Monumental Wedding Fails

by Rev. Linda McWhorter on 11/27/17

I've been officiating weddings for eleven years, and in that time I have officiated over 1000 weddings, in fact with the three weddings this past weekend, I have reached the milestone of 1050 weddings! Yes, it's really amazing! I am amazed when I think about it.

This past Saturday, as I was hanging out with the Groom's Men during some down time, waiting for the cue from the Event Coordinator to queue up for the Processional, one of the guys asked me what was the most awful wedding experience I remember.

I had to think for a moment, because, thankfully, most of the wedding memories I have are happy ones. But, as you can imagine, in 11 years of officiating weddings, I have seen my share of monumental wedding fails. Those moments that makes even the most hardy of us cringe. I thought for a moment, and shared the following memories:

There was the time where the Groom and his Best Man arrived to the venue an hour after the wedding start time! The Bride was ready to call off the whole thing. Both the Bride's and the Groom's fathers were waiting in the parking lot to manhandle him at his arrival. The Bride's mother, and the Groom's mother were crying. Absolutely everyone was talking about it! The vendors, the venue coordinator, all the guests, the rest of the Wedding Party, the family... everyone!

            And, I found myself suddenly the peacemaker, trying to keep everyone's anger and frustration in check as we waited for word from the Groom on his ETA.

When they finally arrived, it was clear that they were both drunk, and after some harsh words from the Bride and immediate family members, and a few heartfelt apologies from the Groom and his Best Man, the wedding ceremony proceeded - nearly two hours late! Not a good way to start a marriage! 


OK, here's another not-so-happy wedding memory.

The Bride's parents were divorced, and both had remarried, but it seems the Bride's mother never got over being replaced by her ex-husband's new wife. The Bride and Groom gave me the heads up on this family dynamic when we first met to discuss the wedding, but they assured me that all would behave.

At the Rehearsal dinner both moms, biological and step, were on their best behavior and seemed to get along OK. And, the next day, before and during the wedding ceremony all went well. It was after the ceremony, when the bar opened and liquor began flowing that the excitement started.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion over in one corner, and the Event Coordinator and I looked to see what was going on. It was the mother of Bride, pulling the hair, punching and yelling at the new wife. Then, one of them fell, and they started rolling on the floor, still fighting, pulling each other’s hair. Even though the DJ music played on, no one was dancing – everyone was watching the show in the corner.

The Event Coordinator and I tried to pry them apart, and she got hit in the face by one of the Moms in the process. Finally, the DJ and the photographer also came over to stop the nonsense, and the Fighting Moms made their way to their separate corners, with family members acting as buffers.

Oh, what a night! Here’s the moral to the story – although there is so much that can potentially go wrong at a wedding – it is the people who can make or break a wedding.

Next time, Wedding Fails beyond our control.